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IVF or In Vitro Fertilization

IVF Treatment in Mumbai

Recently a number of IVF centres in Mumbai seem to have mushroomed. However most of these centres outsource the ivf procedure to other more established ivf centres in Mumbai such as ours after doing the stimulation protocol.

IVF or in In Vitro Fertilization is a type of test tube baby treatment ( the other being ICSI and IMSI ). This procedure involves stimulating the ovaries with the help of hormonal injections for approximately 11 to 12 days and doing a daily or alternate day sonography for the patient.

We simultaneously try and stimulate as many follicles as is possible for the woman, and based on her age and AMH this can range from1 or 2 to 25 follicles as well.

Around the 14th day of the period, the woman is admitted in the hospital for about 6 hours for ovum pick up or egg retrieval procedure. The procedure is safe and does not involve any stitches being administered. Usually do not keep the patient overnight and the patient is discharged around 4 hours after the egg retrieval procedure. Hence ivf treatment can be labeled as a day care procedure.

Our ivf centre in Mumbai, believes in a minimum discomfort policy and our patients undergoing ivf treatment can continue to work right until the day of embryo transfer.

Once the eggs have been retrieved from the ovaries, the husbands semen sample is collected in a container and is washed and processed.

Then in a petri dish in the lab, each egg is cultured in the middle of 50000 sperms. IVF is a natural selection procedure in which any of the sperms can go and naturally fertilize the egg.

The resultant embryos that develop can be cultured to day 3 stage or to blastocyst stage ( day 5 ) before being transferred back into the uterus.

A successful implantation can be confirmed with the help of a blood test 12 days after the embryo.

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